Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I haven't posted in a little while. Actually, I've been a bit laid up with a knee which refuses to work properly, so getting around has been awkward. I've managed to keep up with necessary chores, and have been working on some artwork, but as far as attending any social events, or having company, I just haven't been up to that. Don is home today and has offered to cook so I have time to catch up on some things computer related. I reactivated my Etsy account so you can have a look at some things I have for sale there.

A far as the artwork, I've been working on a larger sculpture but I'm still in the bits and pieces stage. The blue jay has a body and half a tail ... no wings as yet. Most of the larger feathers are going to be made individually. I have twenty beaded flowers made and I'm halfway through putting the yellow wool centers in those. I have the wires and the lights ready to go in them once I decide on the placement and have the base made. I'll need to make a template before I start drilling holes for the wires. I don't expect this will be finished any time soon. I've been photographing things like mad lately, mostly for the Etsy site. I need to take some new photos of some older things I haven't sold, so they can be posted there as well.  I'm also designing a new jewelry piece ... and it's based on the woven bead flower concept. About halfway through and that will be a necklace. I picked up a small project yesterday for someone in the city. They want a little vest for their hamster in Gay Pride colors (rainbow) that a small leash can be attached onto. Yes, folks, you heard it here first. Maybe not the silliest project I've ever attempted, but close ... however ... money is money and who am I to judge the artistic tastes of others? I am putting 100% of my creative talents into it and hopefully it will be done in a day or two. I think the whole point is to make it a conversational subject anyway so it will be rather fun. I have most of the details worked out and will crochet it out of embroidery floss. 

We're having a nice mild day here and the sky is sunny and blue. I'd just love to get out for a drive somewhere, but wouldn't you know it ... just when the weather gets nice the car has to go in the garage for some front end work. Expensive front end work from the sounds of it, but we need to have it done. It had been developing a noise and a vibration over the last few weeks. Hopefully we'll have it back by suppertime, but then we won't be able to afford to go anywhere! Sigh .... it never ends. Well, I better get back to the business of creating things as that mechanic's bill is going to hurt. 

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