Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don's Arctic Adventure

Don had spent the night in Edmonton at a crummy hotel which was also expensive. There was a truck stop across the street, where he ordered the all day breakfast. He said if I'd have ever served him a plate of crap like that, he'd have thrown  it at me! Garbage ... $13 garbage. He spent the day at the West Edmonton Mall and found a place to get a decent, flavorful meal. Back to the airport at suppertime and caught his plane to Vancouver, where he changed flights and headed north to Whitehorse, not arriving there until 2 am. His plan to curl up on a bench and nap until his flight out in the morning was quashed by the fact that this airport doesn't remain open all night. Ever the resourceful one, he found a Tim Horton's and spent 4 hours there. I called the airport in Whitehorse that morning and left a message for him ... early. He said he walked past the counter four or five times until it was time to board. That was when he got the message to call me. I had been speaking to the lady in Eagle Plains and knew that his ride would be delayed in Dawson, so just wanted to let him know. He called me when he landed in Dawson, but the folks in Eagle Plains had left a message there, so he already knew that. He sounded tired, stressed and nearly at the end of his rope. One of his bags got sent back to Vancouver, for some unknown reason, so that will have to be collected from Dawson at a later date. I haven't heard from him since he got to his final destination, but I'm going to call there when I'm sure they're out of bed and see how he's feeling about the whole thing now. Poor Don. This trip was certainly an adventure. 

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Sea People said...

Adventure !!!for sure...Poor Don...and poor you worrying abpout him and being without him for so long after him being home so long..