Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Way Up North ....

Good morning folks. This is the last day my husband will be home for the next six months as he's taking off in the morning for a new job up north. He'll be working at the Eagle Plains Hotel in the Yukon. This truck stop, hotel, garage, fueling station, campground complex is located exactly halfway up the Dempster Highway between Dawson and Inuvik. It's about thirty miles south of the Arctic Circle. From what I've found on the internet, it's a fairly desolate place. This was a financial decision mostly, although he's been home for over a year now, and has been getting restless. 

As I mentioned previously, I've reactivated my Etsy account. I finished a designer necklace yesterday that I had intended for myself. Well, these things tend to evolve, so the finished product was a little over the top for me. I'm a plain and simple kinda gal. I've decided to sell it so put it in my Etsy store. The flower design for the pendant is a reinvention of the wheel, using 3mm cubes and 6/0 rocailles and I'm working on a pattern presentation for this. It will be traded to a beading supplier for a bit of a discount and some free advertising. I've discovered that it's a lot easier to create these things than draw up the directions to explain how I've done it. 

Aside from the pendant, I concentrated on beaded beads for the neckline. The tubes were easy as they're just peyote stitch , then zipped up the uneven edge. The large roundish beads were more of a challenge. Not that the design is difficult, but making it work with the bead sizes I had on hand took a bit of trial and error. The two large ones I came up with are just beautiful. This is a large piece, as the wire is 24" long and the flower is almost 2" in diameter. It's very pretty and makes a statement ... just doesn't suit me, or my wardrobe. Too fancy. 

I've decided to sell my Still Going Strong sculpture as well. Since I'm now working on another large piece, I need to clear up some space and learn to part with some of the work I love. I put so much of myself into each one, I dread having them go, but comfort myself with the thought that I could make another, should I so desire. However, I really never do, as the ideas in my head are endless and I tend to just move on to something else. I have the sculpture on Etsy as well, and here is one of the latest photos. 


Sea People said... know I love all your felts but My G your jewerly and this necklace ,,,how do you do it..see it while doing it?..I am so the way I have not taken my bracellet off since I got it from you so long ago now and you know ,I don't get the pain in my left wrist anymore, honest, I was getting sharp pains and still just shortly after just putting it on but now "Nothing" Thank you it works!!

Lynn Sponagle said...

Well Deb ... I use larger beads ... the smallest ones here are 8/0. They are comfortable to use ... 11/0 is about my limit .. I can't do the 15/0 at all as I just get a headache. I'm really pleased the bracelet works for you. Does for some and not so much for others. NOW TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS because I need sales. Wait till you see the new brooch design I'm working on ... abstract and organic ... with dyed sand dollars! (from Carter's). Would be so nice as a scarf or shawl pin. They will be posted here hopefully before Wednesday, as I will be debuting them at a party in Dartmouth that evening.