Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Canada

     Hubby and I set out early yesterday, after seeing that the dogs would be comfortable for the day, outside in their pen. We arrived at the waterfront in Dartmouth early enough to scout out a good spot for our stall and set up for a sunny, hot and busy day. There was a lot of traffic through our area and I'm happy to report that the purse has a bit more jingle today. I brought my Ashford Kiwi and demonstrated spinning throughout the day. We were fortunate enough to have the East Indian lady set up not far away from us so we partook of lovely authentic vegetarian delicacies for lunch. Hubby was a bit disappointed in his sales, but I did notice that the only products which were actually moving were lower priced, and much smaller items. There were lots of lookers and I was very surprised to note how many people had never seen someone actually use a wheel before. All in all, I would call the day a success. I'm still worn out from all the sun and crowds. My nerves are somewhat better now. Shortly after we set up, a couple of children's entertainers parked right beside us with their temporary tattoos, juggling acts and balloon creations. The combination of hot sun and rough concrete surface underfoot made for a lot of burst balloons! I felt like I was sitting on a rifle range! Well, at least it kept the kiddies happy.