Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More projects on the go ...

Here is the second attempt at Lu's necklace. I know it will be big enough now ... it even fits me. I just hope she likes it. A couple friends dropped by and just loved the piece ... however, not the price I quoted them as I didn't get any orders. I've added quite a few Czechoslovakian lead crystals which make it very glittery in certain lighting. The amethyst color will go with most of the black outfits she wears. These are fun to make once you get used to them flipping around on you and getting all tangled up.. They're really pretty up close. 

These little blue flowers are made with some very inexpensive glass beads I picked up at a discount store. That was a mistake, as they are a mixture of three colors: sapphire blue transparent, dark aqua transparent and green metallic lined. The metallic coating comes off the inside when you're working with them so they aren't much good for jewelry. They are also very inconsistent in size, which makes them a bit frustrating for most things. I had quite a large bag of them, so decided to turn them into these little flowers, which will eventually become part of a wool sculpture featuring a blue jay. My plan is to have the flowers light up with tiny bulbs in each, attached to a hidden battery compartment, with an on/off switch. The rest of the piece will be wool and sit on a pine base. 

Don has been busy as well. Here is the completed cabinet for the Legion. It will sit behind the bar, where there is now an opening into the meeting room. It is planned to hold the canteen snack items. It's a custom piece, of course, as it has to fit perfectly into an existing opening. It has been trimmed with some very nice oak, which was donated by another member. The stain and finish brought up the grain really nicely and it is almost a perfect match to the bar top. 

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