Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tales From the Yukon

For all the trials and tribulations of the trip up to the Yukon, everything seems to have finally worked itself out. It's been a stressful time with missed flights and sketchy flight schedules, but Don finally arrived in Dawson City on Friday morning. He was exhausted but awestruck by the northern scenery. The mountains are beautiful and the world up there is white. There is wildlife everywhere, he said. Although he hasn't spotted any personally, he's seen large wolf tracks along the road and hopes not to meet the wolf who left them. The drive up the Dempster was long, rough and uneventful. He's been placed in a guest room at the hotel on a temporary basis as the plumbing in his staff room needs a bit of work and they are waiting for some waterline parts. He's very pleased with his new boss and the working conditions. The equipment in the galley is pretty good, and he was very pleased to find it well organized. He thinks he's going to be happy there, as soon as he's had time to learn where everything is located. He is still waiting for one of his bags to turn up. It got sent back to Vancouver so that has to be located and delivered. It was the bag with all his socks and underwear, so now he's barefoot and commando in the Arctic! Brrrrr!  

Don thought he'd sleep like the dead on his first night there, being so tired from the trip and the all night hangout in Tim Horton's in Whitehorse. Apparently, a guest arrived at the hotel at 2 AM or so, and parked his dog sled right outside the window. His dogs yowled and yipped all night and woke everyone up. I found this very funny. I guess life is completely different there. Our poor Daisy has been moping around looking for Don. She sits in the window for hours waiting for him. It breaks my heart to watch her. She doesn't understand why she couldn't go with him this time. The Arctic is no place for bare belly dogs who don't grow an undercoat. 

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