Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back in the Studio

Good day to my loyal followers, of which I think I now have two! Sorry I haven't been around much over the summer. Social committments took up much of my time, as well as I took a job outside the home for a couple of months. That has now come to an end, and the parties have died down to a dull roar. As soon as I get the house back in some kind of order subsequent to the hubster doing the chores all summer, I'll be in the studio full time. Currently, I have plans to finish a rather elaborate sculpture from wool, which I started last spring. I'm also working on a painting of cliffs in the sea, from a day trip I took a few weeks ago. The spot that impressed me can be seen by looking left from the lookoff at Cap d'Or, on the Gloosecap Trail, near Advocate Harbour. Don is finishing a large address sign he plans to place at the end of our driveway and has done a couple of complicated scroll saw projects. I hope to have pictures to add to this blog very soon. So folks, we're back in the studio and picking up where we left off. Stand by for more projects and brainstorms from Decorative Kindling.