Friday, March 18, 2011

Happiness is ......

       A NEW PUPPY!!!!!

I'm very pleased to announce the newest addition to our quaint little family, Ripley.

Poor little Ripley is just six weeks old and has been an orphan for three of those weeks. Her mother met with a bizarre accident, resulting in a fall and a blow to the head. Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries, leaving three small puppies all alone. Thankfully, the breeders are sharp and intelligent. The little male went to a close friend of the breeder who was skilled enough to feed the puppy formula for a couple of weeks until solid food could be introduced. Ripley and her sister stayed with the breeder until a couple of days ago. They were to be together until one of them was sold and had to leave. That happened the other day when someone  came for her sister. We went in the same day to get our puppy so she wouldn't be alone. We have introduced her to our adult dog, Daisy. She is going to help us socialize and train this little girl as quite often behavioral problems arise in orphans. She's purebred boxer and we met her father, who is a wonderful, muscular dog, and very handsome. We're told this little one looks exactly like her mother.

Just a side note: Daisy, our adult dog is thoroughly disgusted and has had quite enough of Ripley's shenanigans already. The poor dear deserves a medal for patience and tolerance. She's never seen such atrocious manners and although she is stoic most of the time, she has had to offer discipline in a doggy manner. Good for her ... I think this is going to work. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anticipation ...... and Hopefully, Acceptance

     Oh my goodness! My new employer .... well, sorta, as I've been knitting for her for the past several weeks, has confirmed a date in May for shearing her herd of lovely alpacas. They have a shearer booked and are looking for volunteers to help out with all aspects of the event.

     Of course I've volunteered! I'm likely the very first name on her list. I just think this will be an amazing day. I'm sure my husband will be working by then, but hopefully, since it's a Saturday, he might be able to attend as well. I have to ask Caroline which jobs are available, because as much as I'd love to handle the animals, I'm a bit timid. I might be put to better use skirting the fleece. Well, there's still a couple of months to figure out how I'll be helping out, but I'll for sure be there with bells on! I'm totally taken with these adorable animals and I've never seen my husband take to a farm type animal as quickly either. No, not even the horse I bought for him several years back when he was complaining I was spending too much time with mine. That was a short love affair ... one buck and I was suddenly the overly extended owner of two horses ... both a handful in their own ways. Well, it was fun. Live and learn ... and learn, and never stop learning. That's what makes life fun isn't it?