Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yukon Gossip

I spoke with my dearly beloved last night, by phone, at some length. It's really been the first decent conversation we've had since he left. He's generally pleased with his current situation, even tho the style of cooking is short order and not his favorite, or his forte'. He's been told this is his training period before "Tourist Season". Now, I swear on a stack of promises that I can't even imagine having a "Tourist Season" at a place halfway between Nowhere and Neverheardofit ... but apparently, they have been known to be damn busy at times. I'm still not clear as to when this starts, but I've been informed they are currently awaiting a guest from Belgium who was dropped off 100 km away and will be arriving on skis.  I have also learned all about ice fog ... which is a northern phenomenon. It's very cold and dry there, so where does the fog come from ... humans, animals (a large percentile from sled dogs) and vehicle exhaust, as well as any combustion due to heating, etc. Cool concept. I checked out YouTube and there are several videos there of this fog ... if you can tell the difference let me know. 

The Eagle Plains Hotel, I'm told, also has an unusual decor. Late 20th Century Taxidermy. Don says he always wants to duck when passing under the full sized, wing-spread eagle hanging from the ceiling in the bar area. The have a full sized caribou, a buffalo head, an Arctic fox, among many others. Sounds like a full time job keeping it vacuumed. As long a he is satisfied with where he is, I'm happy. My husband, the gypsy, had been getting restless. We'll see how he feels in six months from now. 

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