Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome to Decorative Kindling

Hello Friends. Welcome to my site where I intend to showcase completed projects that my husband and I have created.

I had began this site to explain the existance of the strange little creature I created called the Woolfin. You will find the earlier blogs to be the stories making up the Lore of the Northeastern Woolfin. I still make Woolfins and have sold them internationally. However, I also make needle-felted sculptures on commission. Small pieces start at $25. I also work with other fibers, fabrics, beads and do some landscape painting. Some work is a collaboration of talents from both me and my husband.
My husband is the woodworker. Be it a large Victorian Mansion Doghouse, a gun cabinet, a fretwork clock or small Christmas tree ornaments, he can create wonderful projects and he puts all his concentration and talent in each piece.
We welcome inquiries and want you to feel comfortable contacting us with your idea of what you'd like. Once we establish contact, we will work with you to ensure the basic idea is exactly what you want before we start your project. Prices are variable depending on size, detail and materials.