Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shawl Pins of Every Color

It's a dreary day and we're expecting a substantial rain storm. Just what we need. The last one took care of all the snow and caused some flooding .. this one will cause more washouts and flooding ... and such is life in Eastern Canada. I've been working on these shawl pins. I have three more in the early stages of felting and one on the bead board. They're fun but rather labor intensive. I've had rave reviews from anyone who's seen them but no sales as yet. However, there's only a couple on Etsy so far, and they've only been there a day. They have been getting a lot of views.

What I was going for here was abstract, which I think I nailed, organic in the fluid shapes as well as the sand dollar, again, if I haven't nailed it, I'm close. The beaded embellishments are for bling. To catch the eye, to balance the piece and because beads and wool complement each other. Each piece was a journey and so relaxing and inspiring. The colors are vivid, intentionally, as scarves or shawls tend toward natural, earthy tones. They have a large metal bar pin on the back which I have orientated to my vision of the pins, but which is purely subjective and can be worn any way you find it pleasing to your own eye. They are for sale now in my Etsy shop for $25 each. All proceeds toward a starving artist ... me. 
They would not likely be suitable for purse adornments, as the sand dollars are fragile and may break if accidentally bumped against a hard surface.

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