Saturday, November 28, 2009

Masterpiece by Don

As promised, here is a look at Don lastest work. It's going in our front yard next to the road. The sign is double sided and looks the same from either direction. The columns are hollow and each side is in raised panel design. He had wanted to install it today, but he was about halfway done digging the holes for the cement blocks that anchor and raise it high enough so the whipper snipper doesn't chew up the wood, when it began to rain. He made some comment about being low on some kind of waterproof cement too, so I suppose that will be another trip to the hardware store. It will likely go out on Monday.

As you can see from this shot with the flash, the numbers and street name are done in reflective paint so will show up nicely at night. There is a street light just about above the spot where it's going so should be very eye catching. It's hard to price a piece like this, due to the hours involved. He had to cut out 4 copies of the side designs and 2 copies of the alpha numerics on the scroll saw. I also believe the scroll saw was used in the lantern decorations on the top of the columns. These are not, but could easily be wired for lanterns. The panel sides of the columns were another job involving other power tools, like table saw, rotor, sanders, etc. The whole intallment is painted with exterior gloss paint. It's a very nice lawn ornament. On the numbers, the 0 looks larger than the 2. They are the same size. We think this is an illusion due to being italicized so will factor this into the next one. It didn't look like that on the pattern.

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