Friday, November 27, 2009

Organizing ....

 I received my last wool order today and managed to get one corner of our studio organized and tidied up. I now have my wool supply for the whole winter and even a little extra, should more spinning or the urge to try wet felting grab me. My sewing corner was organized the other day so that just leaves the miscellaneous crafts corner to tackle .... always the worst but things are making sense and a couple of important but missing tools have reappeared and are now put in the proper place so I can find them next time I need them. There's nothing worse than hunting for lost tools; by the time I find them, I'm usually no longer in the frame of mind to be creative.
Lots of little lapel pins are ready to go. I'm taking orders for these as well as having placed some out in businesses. I've been invited to bring them to a couple of seasonal gatherings so folks can have a look and select any they might like to wear this season. The santas have gnome beards and are just too cute. I think I've about reached my limit with the Christmas inspiration as I have a strong desire to move on to something new. I had an idea in a dream last night for a wearable art neck peice .... of course that might require some new beads ... like maybe the Miyuki cubes I spotted at The Beading Room. Sigh ..... such wonderful materials out there to work with and I'm so poor ... please buy something from us.

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