Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snowstorm of the Season

Yesterday was our first snowstorm of the season which was of any significance. I had to drive into Dartmouth, which was ok for the most part, but there were a couple of places south of the airport which were quite nasty. The snow had blown onto the highway and built up, forming slush ruts filled with water. The plows were out but it's difficult to plow slush ... it just runs back in. Anyway, I made it in and shortly after that, the storm stopped. The party was fabulous. Thanks to the host, Duane and hostess, Lu. The party food was five star and addictive. Everyone was in such good cheer and all the old friends are looking just wonderful. I was overwhelmed by the positive response to the pins I'd brought in to sell. I'm going to have a busy week making the santas, as the only one I have left is on my jacket. My little geckos were well complemented too. The one pictured here is a "Necko".   It's a necklace as the tail is very long and it has a firm wire inside, so it hangs around the neck, easily adjustable to size. I had only made two of them and they sold the night before the party, so I only took the pins. They seem to be popular so I'm making a few more of them this week, as the $5 pins will all be gone after Christmas and a new batch of $10 pins will available, all with beautiful, higher quality beading material from  and featuring Japanese Miyuki cubes. So, that's work for this week. On that positive note, I must go start some badly needed housecleaning.

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