Monday, November 9, 2009

A Spectacular Day

Yes, this is a good day. First of all, the sun couldn't be shining any brighter. It's warm enough you only need a sleeved shirt. The air is crisp and wonderful. The farmers haven't spread any manure for awhile so everything smells nice as nothing has begun to decay yet. The leaves are all on the ground, covering the browning grass and the colors are still vivid.

The day started off with a quick trip to the city for last minute crafting supplies, mostly stuff for display and nice cording for hanging all the ornaments. We took Daisy with us for the ride. She loves going in the car. We got everything we needed in record time, so beat it for home to try to get here before the courier truck. It was sitting in the driveway when we pulled in, so I now have my new wool from Louet. Is it ever nice and clean. Long staple, carded beautifully and lovely natural colors with lots of depth. It will be awesome for learning to spin and will serve nicely for filler in projects or natural background. I need alot of colored wool as well, but have to wait until after the check comes from the show before I can order that. I also found a place in Wolfville that sells larger amounts at what seem to reasonable prices so I have to plan a day trip up there some day soon to have a good look at what they offer. That might be a potential long term supplier and wouldn't cost anymore for gas there and back than the S&H on a mail order.

All my projects are completed for the show. I'm giving Don a hand with his work now, touchup painting and attaching hangers to ornaments. It feels really good to have all that done now, after 5 weeks of mass producing. I'm looking forward to starting a new rug and just taking my time, with no pressure. I have a 3-D piece to finish too, but I've lost the drive to work on that for now, as it's a bird and each wing and tail feather has to be done separately ... a big time project involving fine wire and glue so it will progress very slowly as I decide to make a feather here and there. I always design stuff that 's way too fiddly but it usually turns out nice in the long term, although I'll never be able to get what it's worth timewise. Anyway, now I promised the dog a walk and some ball chasing so as she's sitting here staring at me, I think I'll get that done and she can have a nap while I get down to doing something worthwhile. Later gator ...

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