Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remembering Tomorrow's Yesterdays

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and a busy day for us. We're cooking the pork roasts for the Veterans Banquet at our Legion. They arrived today ... four huge roasts! Massive. They're nice looking too and as the dinner is supposed to be for eighty, I think there will be plenty. We're also slicing it all and making the gravy so we'll be able to tell if it's the top of the line that was ordered. We also have to make our squares tomorrow for the Craft Show, as there is free tea and coffee offered with sweets to all who wish to sit a spell during browsing the wares. Each member is asked to bring a tray of ready to eat sweets when they come to do their shift at the venue. Pretty fair dinkum, I say. Going to be getting serious with the housework. Five weeks of neglect is beginning to even get on our nerves and nobody is allowed in here anymore, as we're a bit embarrassed we let things get this far. All our stuff is ready to go and no more projects are pending. We're actually being rather lazy today, just because we deserve it ... well, kinda lazy, as I snuck off and started the new rug I've been planning. The picture on it will be a tray with grapes, a candle on wooden candlestick, cheese, wine bottle and two wine glasses. Lots of colors so it will be fun to do. It will be a flat rug with very little relief.

I'm expecting company for the weekend to come enjoy the craft show and hang out. She will be arriving sometime on Friday as far as we know now. That's another reason to get a large amount of cleaning done. Actually, we did put alot of tools and things away today. There are some items that are screaming to be reorganized and my rotary cutter has grown feet and run away during this whole project so hopefully it will turn up when we clean up all the dust, dirt, paper scraps, sawdust, wool bits, etc. It's likely just sitting under something. Don has also misplaced a set of rotor bits. I think they must be in the same place.

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