Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still Feeling Disappointed

Well, all of our hard work and determination seems to have been for nothing as the Craft Show was a bit of a flop. I suppose we could view it as a lesson well learned. There have been hints here and there from certain other artists, that craft shows are not the venue to rely on for income, but rather a hit and miss type of thing. I doubt we'll be entering this one again. There were lots of lovely things there, but at the end, a lot of disheartened crafters. Those who purchased were only interested in little, inexpensive things. I guess folks think crafters and artists have no overhead or expenses. However, we can't afford to mope for very long. I was offered a sewing job for the new year, which I plan to accept, as it may turn out to be a larger project than that which is planned right now. One of the local Lion's Clubs wants 10 new vests made for their members, and possibly more. There are lots of Lion's Club chapters within a short distance so I may canvass some others once I get started and see it they want to order as well. It get's my name out there for the sewing anyway and it's work. Don is looking for something outside the home and has a couple of small possibilites, one of which is working on a local dairy farm operating the tractor and various towed apparatus. We'll see what happens there. In the meantime, it's a lovely sunny day and the dog is bugging me to go outside and play, so I think I'll grab a light jacket and go out and play fetch with her. Then I want to make some sketches for some new old folks heads, and see what expressions evolve. Life goes on and isn't really all that bad afterall.

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