Monday, May 3, 2010

Friends on Sunday

     Yesterday was a great day. Two of my city gal pals packed up the dog and took a drive out my way for a visit. My Daisy was thrilled. Lupus is a fairly large female husky and very playful. We put both dogs outside in the kennel and watched them play for hours. They really like each other and had a great time, while the "moms" caught up on all each other's news inside. It was a great visit and it sure played the dogs out. Daisy was asleep before the guests hit the highway and she even slept in this morning until 9:30 am. 

Today is errand day. I just returned from Fall River where I picked up my bead order from The Beading Room. Hollie was  busy with orders coming in online but came out of her office to see these new creations of mine. She loves them and even bought one from me! That was a nice surprise. All I need is time now to make some more. I also picked up the Mirage beads I've been lusting over for quite some time. They're amazing ... they're thermo reactive so change color with temperature. Just like the old mood beads of the 70's but much, much higher quality, clarity and more color range. Modern technology ... who knew? 

I just froze the leftover pork tenderloin schnitzel I had from yesterday. Had some on a bun for lunch. It's really good. I used a dry citrus product in the seasoning and I think it made a world of difference and leaves a nice aftertaste. However, it's pretty hard to mess up schnitzel anyway. I've been cooking mine on the double side grill. Not as crispy but much less fat ... hardly any as the tenderloin is lean. On a whole wheat bun it's nearly guilt free. I'm trying to behave so that I can eat a whole bunch of really spicy Indian food on Wednesday. Lot's of goodies planned that. I'm making up the koftas later today and going to freeze them. I'll make the Chicken Biryani on Wed. Wanda is bringing Indian dessert and I have pappadums , samosas, onion bajhi and a couple other little surprises. Sauces and dips, we have them all. It's going to be quite a feast. I still have a couple of errands to run as well, so looking at the time, I think I should get to it. I'll let you know how the party turned out. 

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Hollie said...

The waitress commented on my bracelet so I gave her your blog address:) She said it was so unique and really eyecatching. I almost forgot to take it off last night because it was just so comfy to wear:) Thanks again!