Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some New Creations

     I thought I'd have another try at the beret as I was so disappointed in my first attempt. I cut another resist, 3/4 " smaller, reversed the hat and applied more wool to the inside of the top, then proceeded to wet felt as before. Before long, I had a skin strong enough to start rubbing and rolling for real. Taking it to the sink, I realized I'l skipped a step previously as well. I'd barely worked the felt against itself with the really hot water. Hmmm ... I was diligent with this step and success was achieved. This is the finished product. I will likely sew in a nice binding around the head hole, and it needs a good steaming and a bit of a tug here and there, but I'm rather pleased. If you hold it up to the light, you can still see a few thin areas, so it's far from overworked. I think even a bit more material next time. Not bad for a beginner tho. 

    Now I'm addicted to wet felting and although it can be a great upper body workout, I've never had cleaner hands. I actually burned my hand last night with water that was a shade too hot. It's wasn't a serious burn and is fine today. I'm very pleased with this attempt at making a simple bangle. I now have an idea of just how much wool to use, and sizing them is fool proof with the thin piece of hemp in the center. You tie the hemp to the size you need and roll the wool around it. Finishing touches were added with seed beads from and I really think the finished product is quite elegant. I'll take a bow for that photo as well. It's one of my better shots. 

     Getting back to the very first bangle I wet felted; the blue one that all caved in because I used way too much wool in the first place, and rushed the process of course. A bit of creative beading and Presto! A very cool if somewhat abstract, chunky bangle. I actually love it now. So the whole experience of wet felting over the last few days has actually been rewarding. It will try my patience, which I have very little of most of the time anyway, but I think I'm going to enjoy the results. A nuno scarf and a handbag are on my list of projects to try. I will be trying to dream up a handbag design very soon  ... the sketchbook is on standby in case of a brainstorm. 

     I'm also planning a small gathering of ladies next Wednesday for supper. It's going to be hot and cold buffet style finger food, so I need to decide on a couple of things for that, and make a grocery list.  A couple of the guests will bring along something to add to the choices, but we have to collaborate so we don't all make the same thing ... don't laugh ... it's happened before. Well, that's all I have for today. I'll try to keep you updated on my wool adventures. 

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