Monday, May 31, 2010

Holstein Bag ... Completed Wet Felted Art Bag

     So here it is. The Holstein Bag ... the ropes have been made and attached.  A kind friend was able to cut me some bovine tail hair which I attached to the ends of the ropes. I washed it, over and over again, but it still had that all too familiar cow scent, so I finally used the dog's Skunk Off shampoo which seems to have worked. The hair is very, very coarse and the fibers tend to work their way up the ropes as I rolled them. They are also very hard on the hands, which were stinging late last night when I finished this. However, it was worth it as this bag is true to the vision I had for it and I love the way it worked out. It's thick and tough. The ropes are knotted for extra strength and it holds enough junk for a day out on the town. I finally think I have accomplished a quality felted piece. 


Trudis Felt said...

Very nice, and the ends of the ropes are cool! And yes you've accomplished a quality felted piece.
See you, Trudis

Leedra said...

You did such a wonderful job of this. I also like all the information. I am trying to teach myself wet felting, and I need so much information that I don't seem to be doing a good job of finding. Thanks for sharing your knowledge as you are learning.

Laryna E. Wuppermann said...

Oh, such a lovely bag!
I grew up in the outskirts of Hamburg(Germany) and know the Holstein cows from childhood onwards.