Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Bit of Rural Drama

     Hi again folks. We had a bit of a ruckus here the other night. Just before midnight, Daisy, my dog, decided she should go out one more time before she settled down. I left the door open for her  and sat on the couch to wait. It wasn't long before I smelled the problem. I called her in and sure enough ... she'd tried  to make a new friend ... a skunk. Oh what fun! Daisy was rather upset and tried to rub her face all over the carpet to get the skunk oil off! Then she dove into my bed while I was getting the tub ready for her. Oh Lord! What a mess. Two baths later I thought she was good enough to leave until the next  day. My bed stunk so I slept in the spare room. The next morning I gathered up everything she had touched, and washed it ... took her collar and washed that, scrubbed out the tub and had a nice long shower myself.  Convinced I was at least skunk free, I want to the grocery store where I was told I smelled like skunk! Nice. I went to the vet and got the correct shampoo, rewashed the dog, finished up five loads of laundry, turned the heat off and opened all the windows. I've been wearing a jacket inside now for two days but I think the stench is almost gone. And, if it isn't ... I don't care. I'm used to it ... it's not bothering me anymore.  Will go away eventually. A common occurrence out here in the rural areas, it's just a part of life. A very unpleasant part of life. 

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