Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Learning Through Mistakes

     A new case for my Blackberry. If I'd had to grade this project, I'm afraid the mark would have been very disappointing. However, I again learned so much by making the errors. In the first place, this is not the design I was going for. I wanted a seamless case but not this ravioli edge. I know what happened though ... it totally got away from me as soon as I wet it. The reason for this was the material I used for my resist. I used two layers of bubble wrap, bubbles facing, and whip stitched them together. This flattened out the edge of the resist and when I wet it, I had a problem feeling where the edge was. Back to corrugated cardboard. I really worked at it to correct the grossly flattened out edge, but could see I couldn't save it. I didn't do too badly getting the edges straight, but this was disappointing. The second huge error was simply a matter of not paying attention. I got a bit carried away laying out the wool and mistakenly laid a double layer on the flap with no resist up there. I just wasn't thinking as I was getting excited about laying out the spots. 

    The spots are the slices from the bracelets that I had saved for this purpose. Then I laid a few barely there wisps of a long stapled yellow wool over the spots here and there. I lost a couple of spots during the felting process and had to pull one off at the end as it wasn't stuck very well. The best parts were that I made my resist the correct size for shrinkage and the phone fits in perfectly. The fringe turned out really well and I'm thrilled with it's final look. The whole piece is very firm and the flap is stiff as a board and protects the keys so what was a horrible mistake really worked out.  The color is kinda cool too. 


Corinna Nitschmann said...

Dear Lynn, somewhere I read that the big difference between winners and loosers ist that the winners are always happy about making mistakes because they know that is the best way to learn something better.

Thank you for subscribing to my felt blog. I wanted to recommend you my other felt blog which is in English: . I show the same things but it migt be more easy to understand the text than Hungarian :-)

Fluffy regards

Lynn Sponagle said...

Corinna ... thank you for the kind words and for not laughing. I took your advice and am now following your English blog. Lynn

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Then up to wool now! :-)