Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yes I Have a Life Outside the Studio

    On Tuesday evening, I attended a great party in Dartmouth. It was held at our friend Sue's apartment on a quiet street between two major streets downtown. Her apartment is so cute. Small but perfect for her and her Kitty Boy. Sue is an accomplished bartender who has worked in some pretty fancy places over the years, as well as a brave sojourn to New Orleans, all by herself where she was employed at some interesting bars. The theme of this party was Martinis and Fondue. Sue went to the trouble of making up a drink menu, and told each of us what to bring so we could have the maximum amount of different drinks with the minimum amount of ingredients. She's the master of this craft and all the drinks were so good. Some were just "to die for!" 

     The fondues were chocolate and cheese. They were great and I'm pretty sure we ate everything that didn't run away from us. Wanda brought a huge tray of mini quiches and bruchetta which was a great savory addition to all the sugar we consumed that night. Even the beer drinkers were sampling the fancy drinks, having been given 'sample' shot glasses of each drink by our hostess with the mostess. Yes, there were more than a few bloated bellies at the end of this event. Sue, a non smoker even provided us with a smoking area right off her kitchen in the driveway, behind her car. She was so sweet.  
There were lots of giggles, lies told, a few Facebook shenanigans, more giggles and belly laughs, and everyone was acting very responsibly as rides were arranged well in advance. 

     This drink certainly deserves mention. I'm not sure what all went into it, but I think Frangelico was one of the ingredients. Anyway, it didn't have a drop of anything chocolate flavored. After drinking the shot, we popped a sugared lemon slice into our mouths and the taste was exactly like chocolate cake. Hence the name Chocolate Cake. It was really amazing at the flavor that developed on the tongue. Sue is a wizard at making drinks. I should see if she's for hire for functions. 
We really had a wonderful time and I think we agreed on a location and theme for the next gathering as well. 

     Rumor has it that it will be held at Wendy's on the 26th. She lives beside a lake and the theme is nautical, meaning we will be going out on the party boat and there will be swimming too. I'm so looking forward to it. She has room for tents in case we aren't fit to drive and I'm sure there will be seafood dishes on the menu. So, I do get out once in awhile. 


Sea People said... when you visit us...get ready for box wine and chips!!!!
I like your friend's...tell them we're related....OK?

FilcArt said...

Wow! It's delicious, for sure!:)