Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Enjoying Summer

     Here is a picture of my spirea hedge in front of the house, heavy with blooms. It's a rather pretty hedge for about one week out of the year, so since this is the time, I intend to sit and stare at it because it won't last long. The weather has been quite nice and not too hot yet. I'm bracing for the extreme humidity that seems so hold us prisoners to our fans and air conditioners every year for two solid weeks, but it's not here just yet, so I'm still enjoying beautiful, dry days. 

    The top for the ottoman is finished and just needs to dry out. My attempt to make it resemble stormy clouds against and multi hued sky is so-so. I like some of it ... other parts not so much. It's good enough to sit on  and cover the current top which is badly torn. This was my first time using curly locks as well. They stick rather well and the root ends felt into the other fibers quickly and solidly. Being an experimental piece, I'm almost happy with it. Today I'm going to clean up a bit and get ready to make some smaller things ... I have some flowers in mind that I hope will turn in to nice necklaces. Wish me luck .. as it's another project I've never tried before. 

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Cash en Els said...

I love the colors of Your ottoman.
Your hedge is beautiful.

With love, Els