Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Rose of the Year

     This was peeking out at me this morning when I went outside to put Daisy in her pen. It's the first rose this year and it's just beautiful. The bush is literally drooping with the weight of buds and since my lazy butt didn't get to pruning it properly this spring, there's likely going to be breakage. I promise myself to do the pruning after the first bloom. The bush loves to be cut back and it seems you can't cut too much off as it grows so quickly. I'm sure my lawn man would appreciate it being pruned as well. I can't help but giggle when he get caught up in some of the longer canes as he goes past on his John Deer ride-on mower.  I'm evil, yes. 

     It's been a great weekend. Warm and dry, sunny and calm. Just perfect weather. I applied to enter the Canada Day Boardwalk Artists event at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth so spent yesterday making sure all inventory items were labelled correctly, printing and cutting business cards and packing the stuff in a way that is easiest for me to transport. A large suitcase on wheels seems to be holding all my stuff and another tote bag with that should be enough for one day of selling on the waterfront. I hope, I hope, I hope it's a nice day as I so much want to sell outside on the boardwalk. There is another place booked in case of rain but it won't be as nice or as busy. The is really a weather dependent event. I wanted to take some of Don's woodworking as well, but the way I interpret the rules, it looks like they want the actual artists of all the work to be there, so I have to ask if it's ok to sell his work there too. There are still a couple of weeks to work out all the details and get my entry fee in. 

     Yesterday, everyone in the neighborhood managed to get their lawns mowed, so this morning was unusually quiet ... for hours there was no sound other than the birds. Even the traffic down on the highway was sparse, and I enjoyed a great sleep in until almost 9. Lazy me. I finished all the laundry yesterday and got the civic number sign mounted outside to appease the powers at the municipal office, who have begun sending out threatening letters to those who haven't complied. It was a very productive day which means I actually have time to work on my art today. I have an idea for a novelty bag with a lobster design. I'd like to get a couple of them done before Canada Day as I think they will sell to tourists visiting our beautiful province. The idea is to have a lobster on them ... since it is one of our native delicacies and who doesn't love it? So much of our culture depends on lobster and novelties with this theme sell very well. 

So, with Daisy content in her pen and Portia happy to sit at a safe distance and watch her, I'm off to work on the pattern for the lobster prefelt which will be attached to the new bag design. Wishing everyone a wonderful day. 

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