Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonderful Weather

I can't get over the weather! Other than yesterday's cold bitter wind, it's been wonderful for this early in the year. I was just outside playing with the dog, and I've decided it's warm enough to go back out and do more cleaning up in the yard. 

I've spoken to Don a couple of times in the past week. Things are still a bit quiet up north ... however a few European tourists filter through all times of the year. They had one big snowstorm which closed the road, so they had a busy night as it's the only place in town ... so to speak. ( What town?)  He told me he sent me a gift in the mail and I'm so excited as this doesn't happen often. He won't tell me what it is, so it's driving me crazy. It should arrive by the end of this week or the first of next. 

I've been busy repairing a pair of masks for a friend of mine. They met with misfortune and were badly smashed so I was asked to do what I could with them, as they have strong sentimental value to the owner. I managed to glue what pieces I had, back together but the cracks are horrible and there are holes where pieces are missing. I'm covering the damage with needle felted wool element to hide the damage. I'm quite pleased with the work so far.  I've also been busy creating a new beaded bracelet pattern for spring.  It's a little different, very feminine, sparkled and delicate. These will debut here later in the week. I still need to take some pics. 

Well, the sunshine is calling so I'm off to do a bit of light yard work and play with Daisy. 

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