Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Taking Time to Think

Sometimes I just have to stop and change direction for awhile. I spent almost a whole day taking apart beaded creations that just didn't work out, or had mistakes, etc and sorting and storing the beads for reuse. I'm still not finished as I've since found three more which need to be dismantled. I have some ideas spinning in my head for more beaded creations, but I'm missing the texture of the wool so I have to get back to that. The masks are almost done .. will have to be done before the middle of next week. There is a project I need to do very soon, for a dear friend who invites me to her wonderful cottage on a beach a couple of times every year to spend a weekend. It's such fun and always a great gathering of old female friends. The cottage owner collects masks and has them displayed on the vaulted ceiling of the cottage. They're great and there's lots of room for more, so I'm going to make her one from wool and dyed sand dollars. I need to sit down and do some sketches before I start, but I have a pretty complete concept in my head now. That will only refine more this week, as I stay far from the studio and concentrate on housework. Yes, it's that dreaded time again so I'm getting busy. 

The weather has been fabulous here for the first time in who knows when? We're really having a spring this year and it's sooooo nice! It's been surprisingly warm and sunny for the last week. (Showing all the dirt on the windows so need to get them done too.) The dog is loving it as well and has been lounging outside on the grass. She's a pretty good girl as I haven't put her in her kennel and she's been staying on the property, as she's supposed to. We've had quite a few ball games together lately. 

Don is still doing well up in the Yukon. I'm still waiting for the parcel he sent me two weeks ago. It wasn't in the mail again this morning. I'm sure it's coming by dog sled. Or tortoise. 

It's unlikely I'll be doing much blogging over the next week or so, unless that mystery gift arrives. I might have to comment on that. Housework is much too boring a subject to be writing about. Having said that, break is over and I must get back to scrubbing the tubs. 

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