Friday, March 19, 2010

Gift From the North

The mystery gift finally arrived. It's a gorgeous zip up, lined fleece jacket with removable sleeves. It took just under two and a half weeks to come from up there by Canada Post! However, it was worth the wait and it fits and feels wonderful .. if a bit warm, since our weather here has been just phenomenal. I had it on while running a couple of errands yesterday and found it comfortable as it was a windy day. I'm not so into the sleeveless look so will be keeping the sleeves on. Also included in the parcel were some nice prints of a grizzly bear, taken close to the hotel where Don is working, by another employee. 

Don is finding his work very enjoyable and he says it's been getting a little busier. There are lots of well heeled Europeans on adventure tours and truckers pass through there every day. It's the only stop on that highway, so they pretty well have to stop in there. They're 400 km  from either end of the road. He's received lots of complements on his food. He says he's not getting outside very often because it's still way too cold. Being on the top of a plateau, with a valley on either side, they enjoy a good bit of wind so frostbite is a very real concern. 

I'm still slaving away at spring cleaning. My muscles are sore and my knees hurt, but the old place is starting to look so much better, so that keeps me going. I just returned from the store with a bag full of batteries of all different sizes. I'll soon have the smoke detectors, doorbell and a few remotes working top notch. Today, I'm tackling the dining room. It's actually an easy room to clean so I chose that one for today to give some body parts a rest. I'll likely be doing the laundry room as well. Such boring and uninspiring work ... I'd much rather be working with wool. 

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Anonymous said...

I am trying to spring clean but the mess just follows me and takes over where I already cleaned (AKA Grace and Fraser!). Enjoy the sunshine!