Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone stayed healthy and safe over the past week. New Year's Eve is nearly upon us and then a fresh start in 2010. Wow, it seems weird typing that number. According to Nostradamus, we have 2 more years before the destruction of mankind, as we know it.  However, he's been wrong before ... or misinterpreted, who knows? Don has just popped out for a few things at the store because the fridge was beginning to look a little bare. Supper is on hold till he returns with potatoes.

Today I've been working on a birthday gift for my BFF, Lu. Can't tell you what it is yet as she might see this post before the 4th of January. After that, I'll post a pic or two and the mystery will be solved. Don and I have decided to spend the holiday with a couple of rented movies and take it pretty easy. A couple of his male friends are threatening to make an appearance to shoot some stick, so if they show up, I can throw on a quick chili or hearty soup and some biscuits to chow down on. If they don't show up ... peace and quiet.

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