Monday, November 1, 2010

Spun Out!

     This is the finished product. A nice neck warmer scarf with a matching brooch closure. It's the zig zag scarf pattern from Lion Brand Yarn ... a very fast and easy knit. I used size 8 needles since the wool was still rather bulky. It's very eye catching, to say the least. Microwave dying with food colors produces a very bright color when used full strength. Watering down the coloring will produce more muted tones so perhaps next time. I still have at least seven pounds of this local wool and carding it is a lot of work. Unfortunately, it wasn't washed properly, so it's very hard to card out. Some tiny bits aren't usable for anything other than embellishment on other projects and lumps of texture. However, most is good if somewhat time consuming. I'm going to use it all as free is free and I'm not letting it go to waste. I also whipped up the beaded brooch to match this wool.  Once it's pinned on, you can just slip the scarf on and off over your head if you aren't worried about messing up your hair. 

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