Monday, November 29, 2010

How I Spent the Weekend

      With the onset of the colder weather, I've been hearing lots of comments about cold heads. Since the much lamented departure of his hair, these comments start every year about this time and then the hunt is on to find what is left from last year's head wear. Since his six month stint in the Yukon, it appears that toques are in short supply around here so I took this past weekend to make my dearly beloved a special and very warm wool hat. 
     I have very recently received a pound of lovely long grey locks that have been overdyed. My friend Linda in Ohio thought they were a bit coarse but good for outer wear so she sent them to me to practice my spinning. They are a lovely mixture of lilacs, reds, greens and blues. Don thought he might like the greens and blues so I picked them all out, and spun up a fine two ply. The yarn was beautiful with such natural looking tones. It reminds me of the forest floor .. or moss growing on  rocks. Very inspiring. 


      It knit beautifully into a hat and I thrummed the inside with some plain undyed fleece for super extra warmth. He's quite thrilled with it and loves the warmth from the thrums. A special thanks to Linda Koch for just knowing I would love this wool. The yarn has a lovely halo as the locks are quite curly. I'm going to begin spinning up the reds and lilacs for the same purpose so if anyone wants one, let me know and we'll talk. 

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