Friday, November 19, 2010

Beaded Yarn

A little blurb about the yarn I'm working on. I started with some lovely Corridale roving in a solid medium grey color. I pulled off little whisps and, using a needle threader, I added #8 seed beads and 4mm crystals.

     I added the beading roving wisps to the first single ply, trying to keep it as fine as I could manage. The seeds are placed every meter or so, and there is one crystal for every 10 seeds. It's shown here on the bobbin. 

     I also finished painting my wheel. Cute eh? There are some flatback crystals on it as well ... you can sort of see them here. They glitter like mad! 

     I made another plain single ply from the same roving and plied both singles into a double. Shown  here is approximately 120 yards of fingering yarn on the niddy noddy made by my husband. 

     This is the yarn wound into a ball and all ready to knit. 

     This is the yarn knit into the pattern I selected for a triangular shawl. Now, I just have to do all that two more times and I should have a very nice shawl to add to my inventory. Keep in mind it has to be washed and blocked out to get it to drape and hang properly. 


Hollie said...

Hee hee!!! Love it! I don't know what I am more impressed with-the yarn or the flatbacks on the spinning wheel! So cute:) Now that shawl is what I call truly handmade. What a treasure.

primdollie said...

wow amazing my dear!!! Your wheel looks spectacular and the yarn is sensational you are way more better at this than I am!! you go girl! and love that niddy noddy any chance he is gonna make and sell them??? may need one!!! Can't wait to see that beautiful shawl too when it is done!! making me look bad only have made a felted bowl with some of my handspun cuz sold mine all! may need to spin for me now aye!!
xoxo Linda