Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Were There ... and There Will Never Be the Same!

     Wow! That was a great mini vacation. When I headed for the city to pick up Lu on Saturday morning it was apparent the weather was just going to be nasty the whole weekend, but we were going anyway. There was an annoying mixture of fog, rain, steam and intense humidity the whole way down but we arrived in Lunenburg without incident. Our first stop was the Ironworks Distillery on the corner of Kempt and Montague. This was worth the trip alone. Such a neat little place, simply revamped from the old foundry structure. It still looks the same outside, and they kept the old beams and floor, deeply pitted from the burns of hot metal. It's a cottage industry and they can't make enough to supply the Liquor Commission, so they only sell their products at their site. This is a pic of their still. They were working on a batch of rum while we were there. After a bit of sampling, Lu and I both decided on a bottle of cranberry liqueur, which was intense, a bit tart and very tasty. 

    We didn't have any luck trying to get into the annex of the Mariner King's Inn to see the mural by my cousin, Deborah Taylor. It's a private establishment and was locked up solid. I was a bit disappointed, but due to the sweltering heat and humidity, I decided not to try another plan and just hit the road for Liverpool. Lu had brought along snacks for the road so we didn't need to stop for lunch. Liverpool was just as hot and sticky. Between light rain showers, we managed to pick up some groceries and refreshments and headed over to visit with Deb, who, with her wonderful husband, Chuck, were waiting for us with open arms!  It's hard to describe the down east hospitality at it's best, but for the next twenty four hours, we were treated like royalty. (Sorry Liz .. sucks to be you!) They made us a wonderful supper and had their guest cottage all made up for us. Deb had even cleverly installed a tarp and huge patio umbrella over the door and patio area which created a dry place for all of us to enjoy the day, as it was far too stuffy inside the house. We were totally spoiled. Yes it rained, but a good time was had by all. Our friend Loran even came up to spend the evening with us. I'm sure the neighbors were relieved when we departed the next day and headed for Loran's, out on White Point, where it rained so hard we couldn't even get outside, so we watched the soccer final on television and got a great takeout of seafood from a local eatery. 

        Just before we headed back to the city the next morning, we stopped at Summerville Beach. The weather had cleared, but there was still some fog laying around and the water there was icy cold! The air there was a bit too cool as well, but refreshing after the stifling heat and dampness. Neither of us were going in the water though.  It was so cold I wouldn't have been surprised to see an iceburg offshore ... if one could see that far through the fog. Well, in spite of Mother Nature, we had a great time. Our drive back was pleasant and we both enjoyed a visit to a Vietnamese grocery store in Rockingham, before declaring the weekend officially over.  We're already planning our next weekend away as we had such a good time. A big thank you to our hosts: Deborah and Chuck Taylor in Liverpool and Loran MacLeod in White Point. When are you coming to visit me? 


Anonymous said...

Nice little story there Lynn. Sucks that the weather was so uncooperative though. Enjoyed reading this piece. XOX

Hollie said...

Sounds like you had a great time Lynn:) I could use a 'mini vacation' like that!
Hope to see you at the Bead Oasis show this weekend in the World Trade and Convention Center in Halifax:) We have been counting the last month away, so hopefully its a good show!