Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Finally Going to Happen

     I have finally been able to make some  plans to visit the South Shore. I've only been trying to do this for two months now, and one thing or another has popped up and prevented me from making the trip. Whether it's been visiting relatives, visiting friends, art sales, social events or other folk's commitments, there's just been so much going on, that I couldn't get away. 

     I just confirmed with my housesitter, so that save me from dragging the dog along with me. My friend Lu is coming with me. Our first stop is Lunenburg. We want to check out a new distillery there as well as pop over to the Cranberry Annex of the Mariner King Inn  to see the mural by my cousin Deb. We'll grab ourselves some lunch there as well, before heading on to Liverpool. 

Once in Liverpool, we're going to be staying with my cousin Deb at her home and gallery

     On the second phase of our trip, we're going to be spending some time at White Point. No, not at the famous Lodge, but might as well be, as we will be enjoying their beach. On of my dearest friends lives practically on the golf course there and it's just a short skip over the fairway to the beach at the Lodge, only we'll be at the far end of the beach;  the Lodge being at the other end. All we need now is good weather. 

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Sea People said...

well, you were here, oh yes you were and I loved your tell me why I needed two days of sleep when all we did was knit and drink tea? :-)
Please come again.... :-)