Monday, April 19, 2010

The Great Ring Project

I have made a lot of rings ... big rings, little rings, light rings, dark rings, rings of every color and bling bling rings. They are totally addicting to make and I can whip one up fairly quickly now, due to all the practice. The fact is, I love making them. The first one or two were confusing but now I can play with the pattern in my head to mentally visualize color changes, and that speeds things up considerably. They seem to be a popular item. All the ladies who've seen them thus far, have been impressed. I've had a nice batch of orders and I've run out of some of the colors so put in another order last night. I've also noted that all the orders are coming from people who have seen them in person, so obviously the photography is lacking and this item is just poorly represented in pictures. It just means I have to get them out to more places where folks can see them. I haven't sold too many of the ones I have already completed but have made lots of similar ones in custom sizes. Rings are so size specific and there is a wide range of possibilities, but I suppose that is to be expected, however frustrating it might be. In any case, it's a quite extensive sample display. 

It's another dreary, cold day. I have a few errands to run later on, and I'm hoping to make a run to the bead supplier, either today or tomorrow morning. Then I have to make an appointment to get our taxes done. The deadline is sneaking up and I have all the documents ready so just need to commit to a time to do it. 

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