Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Never Met a Fiber I Didn't Like

     Having lost a small bet with my hubby, today was totally devoted to housework so I didn't get too much done in the studio other than some clerical junk. Managed to file some documents and pictures so I'll be able to access them again, and worked on labels and business cards for the November show. I have to pop out this evening for a bit, and I have a meeting tomorrow night as well as more housework chores for during the day tomorrow. It's turned out to be a rather busy week so far. 

     Since I haven't had a chance to complete the embellishments on my latest project, I wanted to take this time to comment on this wonderful fiber.  Shown above is the pitiful remains of what was a gorgeous art batt, carded by Linda Kotch in Ohio. It's a mixture of pretty well everything you could think of and it's so beautiful! I couldn't wait to begin something with it, and I came up with an idea for a wet felted 3-D hanging sculpture, which will be the subject of my next blog. 

    Oh, and I also had some time to play with my little sweetie pictured here. She's such a good girl! 

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