Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Needle Felted Sculptures

     I've been down with the flu for over a week. It's nasty and lingering. It makes you wish you were dead. However, I did manage to catch up on some needle felting that had to be done. It's been awhile since I've made anything needle felted and I find my style has changed a bit. I seem to be much more into detail than before. Well that's a good thing. Since I was pretty much confined for several days, I used the time to get started on my list of things to be done by Christmas. I finished the little beaded ring in no time, and then made the sea horse brooch. These are both orders to go to the city. 

     That left a couple of larger sculptures to be done. I tackled the trout commission and it turned out rather well, but took a couple of days. I'm sure it will find a nice home. 

     The next project was a pair of earrings I had started. When I realized the pattern was a bit more time consuming than I had thought when I started them, I had put them aside for an occasion such as being laid up for a few days. 

        That nearly caught me up and I only have one more commission lined up right now, which I will begin working on today. I've taken on the chore of cooking something nice for supper as well, since I'm feeling better now. I have a project ready to start with the wet felting too, but that will have to wait until this awful cough subsides and I have the energy to work the wool. 

     It really feels good to be all caught up this early in the process.  


Cash en Els said...

I see: With the fluw You can also make beautiful things!!

I hope You feel much better tomorrow!!


Heather Woollove said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been so ill! I hope you will be back to normal soon.

Your seahorse and trout are absolutely delightful!!

I love the slippers you've been making, too. Do you use an oval resist, or one that has two boot sections (connected at the top, then cut apart?)??


Lynn Sponagle said...

Heather ... I used the boot type that you cut apart. Thanks for your comments.