Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wild Woolfins Have Migrated!

Hurricane Juan liberated the Woolfins from Georges Island, but our own transportation habits have caused further migration to other parts of the country. You see, the hurricane blew across central Nova Scotia basically following the TransCanada Highway, before it blew across the Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Island. By the time it reached there, the Woolfins had pretty much all been dropped out of the high winds. Most folk don't even know they have them in their homes, as they tend to dwell between the studs, behind the gyproc, inside furniture, under stairs, in the back of closets and in the attic.

Many families have relocated and innocently taken the Woolfins along with them to their new homes. The evidence of the little devils have been reported as far away as Montreal. Yes, Jean-Guy, I'm afraid you have Woolfins. By the way, they don't like peanut butter. You're more apt to get squirrels with that. Right now, we know that their only natural enemy is wool moths, which they can deal with themselves by stealing your mothballs. Go ahead and check. If half the box is missing, you likely have Woolfins. They're smarter than they look and can get mothballs even if you don't have any. Does that faint odor of camphor late at night ring a bell?

I'm afraid Woolfins will soon be a way of life for all of us. The world is so small these days with the availability of air travel. We ship goods all over the globe so it is only a natural progression that they will spread to every country, every home eventually. Only the tropics are safe from them. They prefer a cooler climate.

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