Thursday, May 7, 2009

Evolution of the Woolfins

Since 1749, Georges Island, in Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, has been inhabited by military personnel. This island has seen two and a half centuries of various activity related to the protection of the city of Halifax. The island even hosted a prison at one time. Due to the primative conditions, the labyrinth of tunnels, the storage and decay of supplies and organics, a primordial soup existed in conditions that were just right for these little creatures to evolve. We don't exactly know when they came to life, but we had heard about them for years from visitors to the island, who were at times, somewhat less than believable. They became a legend. Not called Woolfins, but oft referred to as ghosts, spirits or apparitions, the supernatural has always been blamed for strange goings on over on that island. It has mostly been closed to the public for safety reasons but I have been fortunate to visit with special permission, in order to continue my research.

The creatures were only described physically after they left Georges Island. While they were there, they were successful in eluding human detection. Now we know they are very small. No more than a foot tall, they are fuzzy little critters with large heads, bulging eyes and long, thin limbs. They have a humanoid appearance and some would think they're cute and cuddly. However they're not to be trusted. Although we don't know much about their propagation and mating habits, we have been able to tell there are two distinct types that would be somewhat gender specific to male and female. They don't behave in captivity as they do in the wild, but one of the drawbacks of studying them is that my home is now infested with the little buggers, so I know first hand just how naughty they can be. However, I getting ahead of myself. My next post will describe how the Woolfins got off Georges Island and spread throughout the central portion of Nova Scotia.

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