Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anticipation ...... and Hopefully, Acceptance

     Oh my goodness! My new employer .... well, sorta, as I've been knitting for her for the past several weeks, has confirmed a date in May for shearing her herd of lovely alpacas. They have a shearer booked and are looking for volunteers to help out with all aspects of the event.

     Of course I've volunteered! I'm likely the very first name on her list. I just think this will be an amazing day. I'm sure my husband will be working by then, but hopefully, since it's a Saturday, he might be able to attend as well. I have to ask Caroline which jobs are available, because as much as I'd love to handle the animals, I'm a bit timid. I might be put to better use skirting the fleece. Well, there's still a couple of months to figure out how I'll be helping out, but I'll for sure be there with bells on! I'm totally taken with these adorable animals and I've never seen my husband take to a farm type animal as quickly either. No, not even the horse I bought for him several years back when he was complaining I was spending too much time with mine. That was a short love affair ... one buck and I was suddenly the overly extended owner of two horses ... both a handful in their own ways. Well, it was fun. Live and learn ... and learn, and never stop learning. That's what makes life fun isn't it?

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Sea People said...

I like..what be around these wonderful animals...Dxoxox