Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beaded Magnetic Bracelet

     This has been a busy week so far. I've been trying to get everything caught up, all the bills paid and the house cleaned up as Don is coming home, finally, on Saturday morning. Only two more sleeps! I haven't been working with wool as it requires more space and I'm trying to tidy up, so I've been filling in a few spare hours with this beaded magnetic bracelet. All the black rounds are magnetic hematite, surrounded by #11 seed beads. As usual it turned into something more elaborate than I'd envisioned at the beginning but it was fun to weave, if a bit time consuming. 

     I took a small break in my routine yesterday, and drove into Dartmouth for a great cocktail party. Nice buffet and sangria punch and so many friends. When I left, I think I counted a total of sixteen .... in a small apartment! It was really nice and even though I left rather early in order to get a couple more hours work in last night, I had a great time and was very glad I went. 

     Oh, and I have a new pen pal! Hi Linda in Ohio! We've been bantering back and forth on Facebook and we seem to have lots in common, so that's going to be fun. 

     Once I have the studio all cleaned up ... sometime today I hope, I have to start taking down some of my displays in order to make room for Don's things. He likes to fill up a couple of shelves with some of his tools, paperwork and art as well. I've been hogging the whole room for the past six months and even though he has the whole basement for his woodworking shop and pool room, he really does need some storage up here for some of his other things. 

     This bracelet has given me an idea for a great necklace and earrings which would go very well with the new African style dress I just purchased. I see shades of green and gold. The rosettes aren't hard to make, just tedious but they're fun to weave together, so that will give me something to pick away at for the rest of this week. I'm also beginning the process of going through my inventory and deciding what will be going into the In Hants Craft Show this fall. It's an important show so I have to make sure everything is properly labelled and priced. I need to work on displays for the jewelry too. I want that stuff at eye level this year and have to make some things to show it off. Well, the laundry is done now so I'm off to do more housework. Can't wait until Don't plane lands. 

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Anonymous said...

I used to love that anticipation when Brian worked abroad! It is like meeting again for the first time- which I think is good for a relationship!!!
Love the bracelet- wow, your beadweaving is stepping up a fe notches now! The colors are striking and the pattern is really pretty.
Have a great reunion with Don:)