Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Friend, The Forest Gnome

The Woolfins have brought home a new friend. Seems there's been some partying going down lately out in Daisy's Palace. Daisy doesn't seem to mind at all. She was there all day yesterday while we were at the races, and seems very content with all the events taking place in her home. The Woolfins are even keeping the place clean. Daisy is a bit anal about that.

The Forest Gnome seems to be enjoying his visit. I don't think he's too far from his home anyway, as there is a dense woodland right beyond our property. He's just as cute as can be, with his red felt hat, deerskin boots and little tool pouch on his belt. We aren't sure how long he plans to stay with us, but I doubt it will be for very long. Most of these fellows have wives waiting for them back at the GnomeHome. If he knows what's good for him, he'll be getting back to the little woman fairly soon. The Woolfins have been rather well behaved lately, but I'm sure it's only due to their preoccupation with their strange guest. I haven't spotted any new ones lately, so perhaps that's all that are around this area. I haven't been able to trap any new ones for months now.

I had initially worried constantly about them living in Daisy's Palace, after being captive for so long. You know how that is ... just hoping you haven't ruined their survival instincts by meeting their every need. (Kinda like husbands) So far, all my concern was unfounded as they're hale, hearty and having a hell of a time. They're still very shy and illusive so they are fairly safe where they are. They love the forest to play and seem to be making some new friends. I just never know what I'm going to find next.

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